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Particle shape: flakiness, average least dimension, particle shape Strength and durability: los angeles abrasion, aggregate crushing value, wet dry strength variation, resistance to wear by attrition Bulk density, particle density and water absorption


Sep 23, · According to results of sieve analysis, Aggregate crushing value (ACV), flakiness index and California Bearing Ratio (CBR), 30% of Crushed Stone Aggregate (CSA) can be replaced by cinder gravels

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Aggregate Testing Equipment We are manufacturing & supplying of Aggregate Testing Equipment, which includes, Cylindrical measures, Density basket, Flakiness & Elongation gauge, Aggregate impact value apparatus, Aggregate crushing value apparatus, Lab jaw crusher, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Loss Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine.

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Jun 01, · The part of aggregate processing investigated in this paper is the crushing, specifically primary crushing using a jaw crusher. Coarse aggregates for unbound use are often produced using a single crushing stage in a jaw crusher, as opposed to concrete or asphalt aggregates, where at least two and often three or four crushing stages are used

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When aggregates are crushed rock, they shall consist of clean, hard, durable, angular rock (ii) The Flakiness Index of each separate sized coarse aggregate, . relevant Size 20 Type N mix with an increase in bitumen content of % by max of the total mix. »More detailed


AGGREGATES - According to BS, BSEN, ASTM etc. Grading of fine aggregate. including material finer than 75µm or 63 µm; Grading of coarse aggregate; Organic impurities (fine aggregate) Aggregate crushing value (ACV) Aggregate impact value (AIV) Flakiness index; Elongation index; Specific gravity, water absorption; 10% fines value; Moisture

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Flakiness Index, elongation, aggregate crushing value - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Civil Engineering , concrete, water cement ratio, aggregate crushing value , procedure and test,

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In all types of brick, aggregates size, shape and strength properties such as flakiness and elongation indices, aggregate impact and crushing values and Los Angeles abrasion value showed lower values for manually crushed aggregate indicating better properties compare to machine crushed aggregates.

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Aggregate Crushing Value (AG-210) Aggregate Impact Value (AG-220) Aggregate Shape Gauge (AG-036) Dorry Abrasion Tester (AG-199) Flakiness Sieve Set (AG-030) Grid Sieve Set (AG-038) Length Gauge (AG-034) Los Angeles Abrasion Test (AG-191) Methylene Blue Set (AG-041) Micro-Deval Tester (AG-195) Noise Cabinet (AG-191/SPC) Organic Impurities Test

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ILT CODE: ILT-U-1718 Description: Determination of density (Particle density and water absorption of aggregate between 40mm and 5mm); particle shape `section 105.1: Flakiness index;; particle shape Section 105.2: Elongation index of coarse aggregate; testing aggregates Part 103: particle size distribution Section 103.1: Sieve tests; determination of particle shape.

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For the Aggregate crushing value test, an aggregate sample passing through 12.5 mm IS sieve and retained on 10mm IS sieve is selected and dried to a temperature of 105 ºC to 110 ºC then cooled to room temperature. To fill the cylindrical measure mould about 6.5 kg of a sample of aggregate is sufficient.

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The pH, organic content, Los Angeles (LA) abrasion, aggregate crushing value, and flakiness index tests were performed according to AS 1289.4.3.1 , ASTM D2974-14 , AS 1141.23 , AS 1141.21 and AS 1141.15 , respectively.

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Concept and significance of the Aggregate crushing value test. The ‘ aggregate crushing value test ` gives a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to crushing under a gradually applied compressive load. Aggregate crushing value is defined as the percentage by weight of the crushed (or finer) material obtained when the test aggregates are subjected to a specified load under

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Flakiness sieve, 7 2 x 40 mm slot 47-D0415/3 Flakiness sieve, 10 2 x 50 mm slot Ordering information Individual sieves 47-D0418/01 Bar sieve (Aggregate grid), 2 50 mm opening 47-D0418/02 Bar sieve (Aggregate grid), 3 15 mm opening 47-D0418/03 Bar sieve (Aggregate grid), 4 00 mm opening 47-D0418/04 Bar sieve (Aggregate grid), 5 00 mm

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Aggregates which are flaky or elongated are detrimental to higher workability and stability of mixes. The flakiness index is defined as the percentage by weight of aggregate particles whose least dimension is less than 0.6 times their mean size. Test procedure had been standardized in India (IS:2386 part-I)

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concepts that characterize differently aggregate flakiness. The flakiness index is a This paper aims to investigate the relations between aggregates sources, crushing processes, shape, and


May 08,  · Objective For determination of flakiness index of coarse aggregate, where the size of the coarse aggregate are larger than 6.3mm . Reference Standards IS : 2386 (Part I) – 1963 – Method of test for aggregates for concrete (Part I) Particle size and shape. Equipment & Apparatus Thickness gauge Sieves [63, 50, 40, 31.5, 25, []


The apparatus of the aggregate crushing value test as per IS: 2386 (Part IV) – 1963 consists of: 1) A 15cm diameter open ended steel cylinder with plunger and base plate, of the general form and dimensions as shown in Fig 1. 2) A straight metal tamping rod of circular cross-section 16mm diameter and 45 to 60

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Evaluation – Coarse Aggregate • Test methods in AS 1141 – Particle density – Particle size distribution – Particle shape – Flakiness Index – Aggregate Crushing Value – Wet-dry Strength Variation – Los Angeles Abrasion Loss – Sodium Sulphate Soundness – Polished Aggregate Friction Value


Shape and size aggregate is one of the major contributing factors to the quality of concrete. The test methods are given below for flakiness & elongation index of coarse aggregate. Test standard : IS 2386-Part I: 1963. Test Appratus flakiness & elongation index. Weighing Balance ; IS sieves 63mm, 50mm, 40mm, 31.5mm, 25mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12.5mm

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2.1.2 Crushed Stone Sand - Fine aggregate produced by crushing hard stone. 2.1.3 Crushed Grace1 Sand - line aggregate produced by crushing natural gravel. . 2.2 Coarse Aggregate -- Aggregate most of which is retained on 4*75-mm IS Sieve and containing only so much finer material as is permitted for

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District Jamshoro (The latitude for Jamshoro, Pakistan is: 25.4168681 and the longitude is: 68.2743064.) contains a hilly terriane and mountain ranges of different formations including natural flood nallas (Streams0 which contain deposits of fine

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Flakiness Index = weight of aggregate retained on length gauge of 10 mm to 6.3 mm (W2) / _ Total weight of aggregate sample taken (W1) = (W2/W1) x 100 For example, Weight of aggregate retained on length gauge of 10 mm to 6.3mm(W2) = 150 gm and Total weight of aggregate sample = 1000 gm

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Due to the random nature of the stone crushing process, not all aggregate pieces are similar in size. Flakiness is a condition when the thickness of a piece of aggregate is less than 0.6 of its mean sieve size, while elongation is when the length of a piece of aggregate is greater than 1.8 of its mean sieve size. Flakiness and elongation are

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Abstract: In this paper effects of aggregate flakiness on the compressive strength of concrete cubes have been studied using experiments. Total 30 cubes have been cast using normal, 5% of 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm size of flaky aggregates and 10% of 12mm size of flaky aggregate. NDT of the cast cubes

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Mar 24, · Flakiness index of aggregate sample = 19.60 %. Comments: As the flakiness index is less than 30%, hence aggregate is considered desirable for use. Procedure for determining Elongation index of aggregate sample: Elongation index gauge. Perform sieve analysis on aggregate sample using coarse sieve shaker. Weigh the sample retained on each sieve

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Sep 05,  · • Coarse aggregate crushing value is the percentage by weight of the crushed material obtained when test aggregates are subjected to a specified load under standardized conditions. • Aggregate crushing value is a numerical index of the strength of the aggregate and it is used in construction of roads and pavements. 51.

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Aug 14, · Tests On Aggregate:- 10 The test usually conducted on coarse aggregates are 1. Aggregate Crushing Value 2. Aggregate Impact Value 3. Aggregate Abrasion Value 4. Particle Size 5. Flakiness &Elongation Index 6. Specific Gravity And Water Absorption 8/14/2016Prepared by AKHTAR KAMAL 11. 1) Impact Value Test 11 1.


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NAME: Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus Quality Standard: As Per IS 2386 (P-IV) Specification : The selection of proper aggregate for a given application is essential to attain the desired quality. Various characteristics are required to be determined for the selection of appropriate aggregate from the wide range available.

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Jul 27, · These are the flakiness index elongation index and angularity number, 1. Flakiness index Flakiness index of aggregate is the percentage by weight of aggregate particles the least dimension of which is less 0.6 of their mean dimension. The test is applicable to sizes larger than 6.3mm. Apparatus I. Thickness gauge II. IS sieves 4.

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